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If you are interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of childhood grief, several excellent resources are listed below:


  • "Helping Teens Cope with Death" (2004) by The Dougy Center
  • "Helping Children Cope with Death" (2004) by The Dougy Center
  • "A Parent's Guide to Raising Grieving Children" (2009) by Phyllis Silverman and Madelyn Kelly
  • "Helping Children Cope with the Death of a Parent" (2004) by Paddy Greewall Lewis and Jessica G. Lippman
  • "Children and Grief: When a Parent Dies" (1996) by J. William Worden
  • "If Only" (2012) Carole Geithner. An excellent novel for adolescents; written from the perspective of a 13 year-old who lost her mother to cancer.


There are a number of bereavement camps for children who have lost a loved one. These camps offer the opportunity for children to address their grief in a safe and supportive environment with other children who are going through similarly difficult times. Several of these bereavement camps are listed below: