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Link to SurveyWelcome to Single Fathers Due to Cancer

The Single Fathers Due to Cancer program is dedicated to the thousands of fathers who each year lose their spouses to cancer and must adjust to being sole parents. Our program includes an ongoing local support group, a developing research agenda, and educational efforts to oncologists and other care providers.

We created this website as a resource for fathers. It contains information, resources, and a series of short videos for fathers adjusting to being sole parents and working through their grief and that of their children. There are also materials available for health care professionals in oncology and clinical settings.

Over 400 fathers have completed the survey that we had posted on this site. For more on their contributions and how it has informed our clinical practice and how we understand the challenges facing single fathers due to cancer, please click on the letter above.

We view our work as a collaborative effort and invite fathers and health care professionals to give us feedback so that we can best target our efforts. We are interested in helping create support groups for single fathers due to cancer in areas where there is enough interest. If you want to be contacted about possible support groups in your area, please click here to provide your contact information.

Thank you very much for your help.